Sunday, October 29, 2006

Antikva Art & Design - We Listen. We Hear. We Create.

Just finished the redesign of, well nearly. Have a couple of things to finish off when I get stuff and then it's done. I even redesigned the logo, so I put it all online.

So, this blog will be reverting to personal stuff now we have a production & design blog. Can't decide whether to change publishing platforms or not, if I do leave Blogger, the blog will stay at this url anyway. I just discovered my rss feed switched itself off yet again. grrrr. I won't be changing the link, but will probably rant more *g*

So, yep, I'm officially back as a web designer/developer, amazing how much I missed it. I'm still going to do artwork though, otherwise I think my head would explode.

In fact I am working on a new one, this one has multi strips of gold/platinum throughout and really looks pretty but the strips are microscopic and I keep seeing double LOL

Well chickadees, I am off to sleep. I feel like I haven't slept in a year!

'Avagoodweegend mateys!

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hearin' :: Underneath the Radar - Underworld

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