Thursday, December 14, 2006

all Joomlad out..

After reading all of the docs and looking at 6 billion Joomla! for dummies, I have decided to run with CSS and XHTML templates I've set up instead. Rather than learn a whole new system at this stage and for time and workflow ease, it's a lot easier and I can basically achieve the same effect without another learning curve.

I will be looking at Joomla! over summer though, nothing like a little light reading over the holidaze.

As I was having a reeeeeaaallly bad day yesterday, I have been working on our new portfolio galllery today. Should be up later today. Then, I'm going to paint, I don't care if someone else has a stuff up on their part, it won't be constituting a panic on mine. heh.

I'm off, catchya's later!

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