Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Just because I'm nice

If you're looking for info on how to fix your upside down monitor, try this:
CNTRL + ALT + UP ARROW [all at the same time]

If you're looking for the Crazy Cow vid, go here:
Crazy Cow

If you're just looking for a Crazy Cow, Welcome, you found her!

Now, onto the troll.
Yes, you are absolutely correct. I am so shallow that I only follow Max because he's HOTT [you forgot the allcaps and double t, btw] As for your other Q, I'd bet I could give you 10 points headstart and still beat you in a quiz about bike racing. You need to change your search keywords :-)

And because I am a nice person, this is just for you, with love from me MWAH!

Listenin' - The Saints are Coming - Green Day
Feelin' - Snarky

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