Sunday, September 09, 2007

Eye of the storm

Yes, I'm still cranky.



So, I decided to move all my portfolio images to my picasaweb storage for now. 'Cept of course, I uploaded all the images without descriptions. *sigh* ROFLMAO that's just the way my week has been though. I just can't find a gallery/portfolio solution that I like.

This morning my network croaked it, so had to crawl around under the desk & other furniture looking for the bit that was unplugged to fix it. Turns out that wasn't the problem. It was the router having a caniption, must have felt unloved, so after I hugged it all better and told it what a special job it does and how important it is to me, everything was back to normal. Well, as normal as it's ever going to get if you're in my sphere.

I've [sort of] finished my site redesign but haven't got off my lazy arse to redo the blog portion yet.  In the meantime... heh. Sorry, yes, I just slapped myself for you.

Chased all over the place looking for mylar or some kind of drafting film in between the youngest daughter having a trauma with VCE. She has a really high workload with 3 art based subjects and the stress got to her. Solutions have been found however and worse case scenario will mean 6 months at Tafe then Uni.

Still no luck with the drafting film though.

We rearranged my studio again. Got a smaller top for my drafting table and hubby is making me a new paper storage thingy [up to A2 size] similiar to map drawers but will have a special drawer with a lightbox in it as well, so that it can slide away when I am not using it.

We've also been investigating financial options when hubby retires and have been seeing financial planners and getting all the ducks in a row. He's been offered a couple of jobs, so it's just a matter of working out moving dates, house hunting etc. He's a bit freaked out about becoming a civvie again. 


Readin' - Catching up with the news.

Hearin' - errr, some rugby song the players are mumbling singing on the telly.

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