Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Did you know we have a public holiday here tomorrow? No? neither did I.

My day went to shit, so I thought No probs, will just post everything off tomorrow morning. Yeah. Errr, no. GAH!

Reason my day went to shit is because my 13 year old son has a bad habit of sliding around the house, he also has a bad habit of leaving staples in his carpet [ WHY? I have absolutely no freaking idea! I wouldn't have thought it's a trendy decorating statement]

He now knows why it is not a good idea to combine both bad habits. and lucky for him he didn't get blood on the carpet.

He's fine now, although it hurt at the time and really hurt when I slung his foot straight into a vat of betadine. Nothing an icypole and vanilla coke along with some stitch thingys and a hug didn't fix. Oh yeah, and the day off school.

So, sorry, but Thursday is mail day now for all the parcels/cards/letters I was posting out.

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Huggles everyone!

2 Even Wiser people reply:

Ann ODyne said...

the poor baby.
there's a reason shoes developed.

you didn't say what the holiday was for.
I feel sorry for tourists who travel vast distances for one day in soe place and discover it's the wrong one - this wednesday Ballarat shuts down for The Ballarat Cup, but who would know that, who is not local.
It's right in the middle of the Ballarat Uni's exams, but all the students go, and have hangovers next day. The day attracts a tenth of the Melb Cup crowd, but twice the arrest-rate,
bwah ha haaaaaaa

Holiday! It would be so nice!

Holy Day! Kabbalah not so nice.

actually that reminds me, I have this new Shelfari.com book thingy and on their homepage you can see the Top books and they are all bloody cults - 2 are kaballah. what am I missing here?

antikva said...

It was Bendigo Race Day, only 20 arrests here *shrug* LOL

Being from canetoad country he's like me, only wears things on his feet when forced to!

what am I missing here?

heh. not much I suspect!