Sunday, January 11, 2009

An Engagement...

We hopped the freeway yesterday and zoomed down to Melbourne for the engagement party. Had a good time, ate too much and then we came home again.

One of my friends was being chatted up by one of the young guys, was so funny. I stood there and listened and tried not to laugh. heh. She was being so polite. I was tempted to stand behind him and make faces at her and had to walk away so I didn't do rabbit ears. So childish I know.

We had a windy incident and the Bride2bee ended up wearing a red vodka cruiser all down her back with some potato salad and pav trying to join the vodka party.

The boys played cricket, Son showed his genetics and held the bat like a baseball bat and swung madly at the air. His mate made a good stand at the wickets and then was clean bowled by a drunk bowler *g* The boys were great though and took it all in good humour and didn't seem fazed they were playing cricket with a bunch of drunks!

And noone managed to get locked into the auto loo's. So all in all a good day.

Lots of photo's were taken and if I can pry the camera off the other daughter, I'll put some up later.

Should have the keys some time this week to the house. I want to clean and bug spray before we start the move. But want to start the move NOW. LOL

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, I'm off to gesso some more boards and sand the others down.

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