Wednesday, November 18, 2009

random tilt at full speed!

sorry, been busy. kidlet's end of year exhibition and other busyness have been going on. I feel like Alice down the rabbit hole, except I didn't quite make it and got stuck upside down with my legs waving wildly in the air.

There is nothing worse than almost finishing an A3 artwork and stuffing it up. that you can't fix lololololol arrggghhhhh... so, ahem, I started a new one and am thinking of cutting out the best bits of the first one then gluing & sandpapering them into the new one. The weather swing [good time for gilding!] caught me out & the paint went off :( should have thought about it, but, hey I've been upside in a rabbit hole, what else do you expect? trial and error is a good thing, except when you're working to a deadline...

anyway, I am about to be throttled back to dial up speed [ smacks youngest daughter upside the head :D] so will be back when I am back to normal speed.

5 Even Wiser people reply:

Jen xo said...

bummer, about the art work, the dial up and life in general.....have to catch up when things improve a bit.... [ when tho? i cant wait!!}

Ann ODyne said...

Yo Tikky! great to hear from you.

'Life' is merely a succession of challenges and concessions.
Don't ever think anybody is doing any better than you are there's a long list I could make, of skinny rich celebrities that neither of us would want to swap lives with, so
Rock ON.

iODyne said...
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iODyne said...

(back again - just repaired the failed link)
Thanks for the friend thing over at Marshall Stacks MySpace.
I was annoyed to find, after joining, that there are other M.Stackses. failed to search first.
Hope you are cool and safe X X

antikva said...

Jen, :D seems to be settling now, D3 got into LaTrobe so *phew* and I have managed to not stuff up the 2nd starter! Give me a yell when you want to catch up, after this week I have free time!

Ann, :D duly notated, although, could I just switch for 24 hours?

Rockin' On!

MS, you're welcome! MySpace seems to be morphing into MyTunes as a lot of music is to be had over thar! Good way to keep up with gig guides and new releases :D