Monday, August 23, 2010

ripped off!

well, you would too, if you had a autoimmune disorder that revs up your system but doesn't mean you never get sick! Everyone in the house has it, courtesy of some egomaniacal brainless twit who just can't stay home when they're sick. Honestly. Even the normally bouncy boy has recently been heard to utter " I feel like death warmed up." and now I am suffering for saying he just had man flu last week when it started.

Don't come to me if you have a headache as we have no panadol left in the house. I reckon if we were still on water restrictions level *eek* we would have had the council round asking about the pool we just filled.

Altho, I do wonder if the emotional upheaval caused it to gain it's evil hold :( Pebbles has gone & come back and is now keeping Simba company on the mantelpiece. Margaret was lovely, as usual and even made sure she was at the vets waiting.
Another election and/or another Labor leader? OMG. I will have to make sure I have a full library of dvd's & books as seriously, I can't take another media person or ex pollie pontificating. I don't care which journo is most connected as I don't vote media.

2 Even Wiser people reply:

Ann ODyne said...

the election is just. so. boring. and pointless.
but on the other hand your slideshow in the righthand column is wonderful.

keep knocking back the water.

Jayne said...

(((hugs))) for Pebbles.