Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Sorry, meant to drop a post or 2 before this but, hmmm, oops! soz!  FB & Twitter make you lazy! Here is my latest wip, for a series that is called Fallen Angels. So, been busy doing wedding stuff, painting and making molds for painting bases and oh, I applied for a FT corp job.. not in a bank though. So, we'll see... and I have been playing shuffle with domains & DNS and all that kind of good clean server fun...And it's school holidaze and my parents are here.
Anyway, this is off my phone [ lol, you can see the shadow!], so it's crappy quality & bluetooth decided to crap itself, so had to fiddle and got cranky, so this is until I take another tomorrow in real light etc LOL

Oh, and here is a pic guaranteed to make even the crankiest person smile [ either at how cute he is OR at how deluded I am that everybody loves babies when they're not theirs :P ]

and, I am off to bed, keep your fingers crossed for me :D

2 Even Wiser people reply:

Jayne said...

Fingers crossed and gorgeous baby!

Ann ODyne said...

he looks as though he HAZ A PLAN