Friday, May 06, 2011

and I haven't even yelled or anything yet.

 Yesterday hubby accidentally knocked a cup of coffee over my open laptop. We don't know if we can salvage it yet, so I'm on his, which altho is the same is not :( Luckily I backed up 2 days ago but not my new music

OTOH the youngest had his surgery yesterday and is recovering well with minimal pain. He kept telling us he felt like he'd been in a bar fight, which as he's never been in either a bar or a fight in his life was pretty funny. He was even more entertaining while he was high as a kite in recovery and kept asking us the same questions each time he woke up.

The nurses were lovely and he was well looked after with lemonade, jelly & icecream, although it was the longest I'd ever seen him take to eat it LOL . Stitches out next week and hopefully we won't have any more problems with teeth. 4 extractions, 3 fillings and a sealing.

Oh, btw, 2 of my 3 daughters are pregnant, both due 2 weeks apart. One knows what she's having, the other doesn't want to :) They've both had some big scares so I didn't want to say anything until they were past that and everything going well again. One's due mid to late Sept, the other early Oct.

Today I am just going to finish reading my book The Devil's Diadem by Sara Douglass. It's excellent! but I saved it for those excruciating waiting hours while the surgery/recovery was happening but didn't end up reading much of it.

2 Even Wiser people reply:

Wen Baragrey said...

I always save a good book for surgery/recovery times too and never read it. It's too hard to focus at times like that.

Congratulations on the new grandbabies! How wonderful! I'm so pleased it's going well for them. I hope that continues :) What lovely news!

And I hope the poor lad gets over his bar fight soon, hehe :)

dogbait said...

If the coffee didn't have sugar in it, there may be a chance it will rise again. Give it a few days to dry out before turning on.