Tuesday, July 12, 2011


oh dear, it seems as I am neglecting my blog. I don't mean to, but life just gets in the way of actually sitting down and typing plus the effort of loading photo's via bluetooth which obviously has the irrits with me.

So, I joined Kangaroo Flat Arts Inc and we had our official opening on 1st July, our members exhibition is there for 4 weeks. We were opened by the Bendigo Mayor, Rod Ffyfe and we were also well supported by local business and community groups such as Rajmahal , Men in Sheds and Kangaroo Flat Community Centre.

I've started researching a new theme for another exhibition later this year and it's really interesting, so I keep going down the internet rabbit hole, finding so much good stuff to read and look at. I really need to go to Canberaa though to see some stuff in person. Hopefully I'll be able to wander down to Melbourne to check out some stuff at the galleries too. We are limited to bus travel while they repair the train line atm, so that will have to wait until the trains are running again.

I also signed up for pinterest, to help keep track of the reference material I've found. I love pinterest and have spent many hours looking at boards :)

I tore a ribcage muscle a couple of weeks ago and spent the time painfully resting in bed zonked out of my brains on painkillers, it's slowly getting better though and the level of the *argghhhh* as I sit up or move or breathe is finally going down the scale. I have been crocheting in short bursts, I'm working on new baby blankets as D1 is due 15th Sept and then D2 has her first in early October.

Oh, btw, I decided one day to sneak out of the house to get sugar, only got down the road when the car made a huge bang, started losing power, then kangaroo hopped & shuddered and finally shut down. Luckily I managed to pull off to the side of the road.

 So, I'm sitting there thinking that hubby was going to yell at me for being out of bed, let alone out of the house :D and that I really did need to ring him because the car wouldn't start and there was no way in hell I was going to be able to walk home. After making my distress call, I got out to lean on the car as sitting was too painful, a car pulls up behind me, so I walk around the back and look down...

there's about 3 ft of what appears to be blonde/white hair trailing from the exhaust. Fleeting thoughts of Barbie dolls shoved up the exhaust by kids or shrunken heads and wigs as I stood there and pondered this strange happening. Fortunately my sanity was saved by the guy who'd pulled up who explained that the hair was in fact sound deadening fibreglass material from the exhaust. Ahhh, that explains the mini explosion I heard just prior to the car croaking it! Luckily he knew, because I have never seen that happen before.

Car is in the sick bay, awaiting a new exhaust system when it stops being so cold, rainy or hubby is not on call. In the meantime if I want to go anywhere I get to drive the manual beast, which means my travels are severely curtailed as holy crap it hurts to turn the steering wheel!

The only other things I've been doing is watching DWTS..happy Manu won! Amazing Race...sad the Big W ladies left so early, watching Australia's got talent..freaked out at the old guy aerialist...OMG! and watching the Tour de France and wondering how many are going to be left at the end! so many serious injuries already, I really hope they all recover quickly.

3 Even Wiser people reply:

Jen xo said...

i popped into the arts space but it was closed, will try and go back when its open to check it out, it looked great :)

sorry to hear about the car and your ribcage..

more grandbabys, how exciting ....

i think damien was cheated and i hope the cowboys go next time:) my moneys on jack to win with constantino second... :)

Jayne said...

Whoa, that would have freaked me out seeing that 'hair' coming out of the exhaust lol.
Take it easy xxx

antikva said...

@Jen, it's open Thurs, Fri, Sat 11am-4pm
More granbabys....yessss :) That makes 6! half a team LOL No, I like Manu long time, only reason I watch My Kitchen Rules. Wotsisface already gone, he could throw a tantrum tho! What about Chooka? support local LOL!

Did you see the drama over the road in the paper? Ahh, the neverending scream of sirens ;)

@Jayne, I'm glad noone was there with a camera, because I'm sure what I was thinking was written all over my face ROFL

Thanks, I am being good now, the thought of another explosion of hair has kept me behaving myself :)