Friday, July 01, 2005

kharma is a bitch

I just watched a guy get bitch slapped by kharma and I am still cackling with glee. We went to see my Nana today [she's 95 on Wed] in Queenscliff then dropped by to see MIL & FIL on the way back, as it was so late by the time we got back home we stopped to get a chook & salad at the local supermarket.

We parked in the first spot next to the disabled area. RCK went in & a couple of minutes later this red sports car comes flying in beside us in the disabled spot, guy jumps out and runs to the bottle shop.
So, I'm thinking, Wow, that guy sure can move for someone who's disabled! I'm looking at his windscreen at a piece of paper trying to see if it's a disabled parking sticker. Cop car parks in front of his car, just as he comes running back out with a carton ROFLMAO So, he's getting a ticket for parking illegally in a disabled zone. The piece of paper I was looking at? heh. a canary.
They were radioing for a tow truck just as we left. I hope that carton feels really heavy while he's walking home MUWAHAHA! I love watching kharma in action.

I managed to find 3 Mills & Boons romances which matched the strict criteria I was given for Nana's birthday present -:

a/ No red one's [ they have sex in them & Nana hates those one's, she is 95 after all ]
b/ HAVE to be Doctor & Nurse one's [her favourites]
c/ Has to be the thin books not the thick one's as she has trouble holding them.
I won't tell you how many newsagents I had to go to before I found them. No wonder I don't like reading them. She loved them :-)

2 Even Wiser people reply:

Ozfemme said...

Heh, finally a cop who's there when needed...Happy Birthday to the Nana. I never knew that Mills and Boon were colour coded...Oh and is Queenscliff in Victoria?

antikva said...

Yep, it's on the bay past Geelong, Bellarine Peninsular bit. It's part of the Great Ocean Rd tourist thingy now. I used to love going there as a kid.

I didn't know they were either but apparently so, although I guess it makes sense as a lot of older ladies read them, probably easier on the eyesight?