Thursday, July 21, 2005


For some reason today, I am verrrrrrrrry tired & all my joints have blown up. So tired I can't sleep & moving is way too much effort. I feel like I'm walking around with weights on :-(

I don't know whether it's the new drug the Dr gave me or if I'm having a mini flare or what the hell is wrong. I feel the way I did before they reset my immune system and I really feel like shit. Blah.

Anyway, enough moaning...
I love ebay :-)
I won a Max bike replica on ebay & got it yesterday. It's in mint cond and they're worth around $100 upwards and I got it for $17- *g*

I also got some emu feathers to make some new quills. I just made a new batch of ink from gum tree branches, it turned out a really gorgeous inky black, so I might keep them and give them away for birthday presents. or not. heh. I might keep it all to myself. LOL

I've also nearly finished BQ2's 16th birthday present. She's a gothlet in training, so I've made her a blank book with a leather cover and black/dk purple beading sewn onto the leather cover with really cool clasps. The whole thing is black, with black pages and really gothic looking, so I'm pretty sure she'll like it. I'm going to add in some gold & silver ink & an emu quill, then I have to start on everyone's Christmas presents.

Well, I am off to lay down for an hour and read a book.

PS. For the person who wanted it, here's my email addy. It's a graphic, so you can't click to email me.

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