Thursday, November 17, 2005

I am a numpty,

Not really, I just play one on the Internets! LOL
So sorry to be ignorant and not update, I have been busy having a minor meltdown, being harassed via email [ 36 virus attachments until I closed the email address] and errrr, various other sundry distractions.
Oh yeah, My Dad is here for a fortnight. I am the child most like him in personality, or, in other words, I argue back. So far, so good, but give it another day or so LOL
Yoda has a school play tonight, so comes home and announces I have to go down to the shops and buy him stuff to make him smell nice *g* then he choked on his chockie frog and upchucked all over me! So, I also bought some stuff to make me smell nice as eau de choc frog is not quite my favourite fragrance.
Well, if anyone wants a Christmas Card from me, email me at antikva at gmail dot com and let me know.

Ciao mateys!

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