Friday, November 18, 2005

whine with cheese

I just paid for the dental stuff happening next month. So, all up, my Out of pocket payment is nearly $1700-

Mia [child formerly known as BQ2 & not her real name] is flouncing around the house giving me the furrowed brow look, I keep expecting her to fling her hand to her brow a la old silent movies but so far she has resisted. I'm not helping as I keep smiling at her and asking if she'd like some cheese. Bad Mummy!

Yoda [ errr, no, not his real name either] was great on stage last night, didn't forget a single line. Although, the hook on the fishing line got stuck in the wooden wall, which was pretty funny. A lot of parents turned up as well, so the kids were rapt.

Ohhhhhh, I nearly died of embarassment today, as you know my Dad is visiting. I have the new Robbie Williams cd in the car, I turned it up slightly to hear it better *g* Yeah, I know. Anyway, the cd started playing at Your Gay Friend, but the reaction time was a fraction delayed before I started hitting random buttons in a panic trying to change the song or turn the damn thing off. Dad just looked at me and started laughing. I think my face is still burning.

Well, let's see, what else? Oh, the HS graduates down the road had a party last night and the cops were called. How do I know? heh. I almost inhaled my icecream cone when the cop car came flying up beside us with it's lights on, no siren though, scared the daylights out of me. So, must have been bad kiddies as one had handcuffs on and required the presence of 2 paddy wagons, 1 pursuit car and a patrol car. We woke up this morning to shopping trolleys hung on all the street signs. And in some weird ritual, crime scene tape hung from trolleys arranged in a circle with an upturned trolley in the middle of the supermarket carpark. Huh?

Oroo cobbers, Avagoodweegend!

Hearin' - RECONNECTED - Adam Thompson
Feelin' - Embarassed

5 Even Wiser people reply:

Anonymous said...

Who is Robbie Williams? I have heard the name a lot lately. Anyway... I have a hard time tolerating the "whine". Why must they wine?

Ozfemme said...

That's funny. Robbie Williams. Heh. Who'da thunk?? *chuckles to self some more*

BwcaBrownie said...

wish I had seen the Tape n Trolleys Installation. Coulda got em an Arts Council Grant.

Are you sure the 'arrangement' was circular - not a Pentangle?

BwcaBrownie said...

about Robbie Williams I know nothing except he is on her list if Kylie decided to list them; but I do trust Julie Burchill's judgement, and she disparages that he is one of the WHINING or BOASTING singers (in The Times Online today) -
"surely there is more to pop music than swaggering and/or sobbing? It’s worth noting that Robbie Williams last single (First they ignore you, then laugh at you and hate you/ Then they fight you, then you win — the bleat/boast syndrome in a nutshell, and that it is ostensibly about “gangsters” but still sounds every inch part of Williams’s endless autiobiographical backpages speaks volumes)

antikva said...

LOL Brownie, I didn't see that article, I must go find it. He's my only *pop tart* vice. I don't have to concentrate on the lyrics.
And, heh, he looks good. I never thought of taking a photo, will go back in the morn and see if it's stll there. I'm all for art grants ;-)

Bella, you are naughty! LOL In a good way though.

Rosey, Robbie is a former UK boyband turned solo act. He's poppy rather than rock, but he is easy on the eyes. Jessica Simpson did a cover of his Angels song last year. He tried to break the US market but didn't really take off, but is huge in the UK and Australia. And what Brownie said too LOL cos I tend to agree with Julie Birchall.
My truly favourite musician is an Aussie, Adam Thompson, he has the coolest voice I've ever heard. Although many would disagree, I don't care. heh.