Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Sporting Chance

As I said before, I totally agree with the cost of kids sport. I am not the only one and now the media is onto it as well. Hopefully it will be looked at by someone who can do something. It may not sound so bad if you look at one child, but add in another and we're away in costs. As a general rule if one kid in the family wants to play a sport, siblings generally want to have a go too.
We used to use the school playgrounds and sports fields as our *clubhouse* to train and play rather than an actual clubhouse or specialised sports ground. Why not go back to that?

PARENTS are forking out hundreds of dollars each year for their children to play junior sport – and the costs are only going to rise.
Sport memberships can cost almost $200 a season while leagues are charging weekly game fees as high as $8.
Frustrated parents are also being charged just to watch their children play.
But sporting clubs have argued increasing costs such as electricity and maintenance force the increases.
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Not only are we paying through the nose for children to play, we also have to fork out to watch them to raise money to repair vandalism. Wonder if the vandalism was caused by kids who play sports or whether they're vandalising stuff because they're bored because their parents can't afford for them to play sport?

When she arrived at his game at the weekend she had to fork out $12.10, which covered the cost of two adults, one child and the $6.70 junior game fee. Read the rest of the story

And this guy misses the point completely. Parents who can't afford to pay the fee's obviously will not be "encouraging and supportive" of the sport their child chooses. So, the kid misses out altogether. Then again, with the amount of money he earns, I guess his kids won't miss out because Mum & Dad's budget is about to rupture.

A LEADING sporting expert has argued reducing junior sport fees won't make any difference to the childhood obesity epidemic. Read the rest of the story

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