Saturday, October 20, 2007

I am verrrrrrry tired!

I forgot how tiring looking after a baby 24/7 is! even if the Mother left me a Nana cheat sheet.

hehehehehehe. yeah. she did. So funny! No, she knows I know how to look after a baby, she has a routine already and I don't want to accidentally change it.

Actually, she's a very easy baby to look after, I'm just out of practice of missing sleep and settling fussy teething babies. I'm glad I had mine while I was younger though. If I'd had my first now, they'd be an only child!

Not to mention all the extraneous crap parents buy these days. I'm gobsmacked at all the *stuff* that is supposedly necessary these days.

Can't have a bath  without checking the temp with a thermometer.

The dummy [ errr no, not me] has to be a special one like a freaking venus fly trap and snaps shut if it's dropped. Of course it was not designed to be easy for idiot grandparents to re-open. I had to read the Instruction book 3 times to get it open again. I should have just given it to the 5 mth old, she'd have got it open again in 2 secs I'm sure.

The bath has to have a ramp thing so the baby doesn't drown. Geeez. Whatever happened to testing water temp with your wrist, holding the squirmer in the crook of your arm and by one leg while you dunk them.

The pram has to be assembled like it's a bike bought last minute on Christmas Eve with a bolt missing. EACH.TIME.YOU.USE.IT.  It doesn't just flip open and it's in 2 pieces. Refolding and disassembling the bloody thing once you got it open and reassembled the bit that holds the baby to the bit that rolls along is just as bad as getting the thing together. You just about need and engineering degree to work it out. Not to mention lots of lego building experience as a child.

I ended up standing outside the bank for 30mins holding the baby. She had a lot of pensioners fussing and making kissy faces at her the whole time. I wasn't game to sit down at the footpath cafe tables next door in case one of them clonked me over the head with their handbags and ran off with her.Bet you think I'm joking!

It's a wonder the change table/bath combo can't bath and change the baby by itself. Although, trying to lift a wet wriggly naked kid out of the bath and flip the change table part back down over the bath while flipping a towel on it to prevent said kid sliding off the plastic cover is definitely an interesting experience.

Toys require more battery power to run them than your average car. Not to mention that they all have to be educational rather than fun. Although it's definitely educational at 2am in the morning when Nana wanders past and sets of the music of the movement activated toy.

She's going to have an extensive vocabulary by the time she's 6 mths old *g*

And please, don't get me started on the capsule/car seat thingymajig.

Back in the olden days.. ROFL
I used to bath all of the kids in the kitchen sink more often than not until they were old enough for a bath tub or shower. Right height for me so I didn't break my back bending down to them. Throw some dettol or betadine on and wipe it down. Simple.

I do have a dishwasher though, so may not have done it if  I didn't.

The pram was one piece that you opened and closed by foot and side clips. When they outgrew it, you bought a stroller that *amazing* worked the same way.

The change table was a mat on the floor or table.

Baby capsules were capsules. Car Seats were Car Seats, neither of them were designed by NASA engineers as these new one's appear to have been.

No batteries were required in toys until they reached at least 2 years old and even then, generally only 2 were required.

The only crying she's done in the 2 days so far, was today when she was assessed by the paediatric physio checking her neck muscles and while she showed me the excercises she needs to have done to correct the problem.

Apart from that, she's been perfect. She even chucked up on Grandads side of the bed LOL

Speaking of which, I can hear my bed calling me.  Oh It's not my bed. I forgot to turn off the bloody music motion detector toy!

'Avagoodweekend Mateys! I'm going to *g*


Hearin' - baby snores via the monitor complete with lights and battery backup

Readin' - Baby Instruction manuals for pram, bath, car seat and toys.

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