Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Great racing in WSBK this weekend. Max Biaggi won the first race, 2nd in the 2nd race and slots back into 2nd in the Championship with 2 races to go.

Who was the new guy on Fox presenting WSBK last night? No, not Kevin Magee. The other one.

Meh, who cares, I'll just call him Dick from now on. Apparently it's fine for Troy Bayliss* to say something about the chalk and oil on the track but Max is complaining?  Why do they always do that? What a crock. 

So, the town I was born in won their first premiership since the year I was born. Yeeha! Go Cats! Took them this long to recover from the shock of me being born there! LOL

And to top off the weekend, our adopted team in NRL [ we follow the Cowboys normally of course!] won as well.

Bub is doing well. Spitting image of our youngest daughter and pretty much the same adorable sunny disposition too. Ok,mild sarcasm happening with that last sentence.  She literally yells if she feels ignored, I can hear her yelling from upstairs, doesn't cry, just voices her opinion on being left alone. Loves Eyeore and watches bike racing with me. Just sits quite happily on my lap watching the bikes go round. For some reason she likes me to sing nursery rhymes [ No clue why!] her current favourite is The Wheels on the Bus and Hickory Dickory. And, no. No public performances Thank you very much. Yes. I am *that* bad at singing.

She's staying with me all by herself for a week next month while her Mum nicks off to find a flat/house. Eldest is getting a video phone so the baby can talk to us when they move.

I'm starting to feel a lot better, still a bit *meh* but I actually did stuff today. Like grocery shopping and washing the dishes that noone else had bothered to while I've been sick. I've finally finished the antibiotics

I'm thinking tomorrow I'll be well enough again to start working on a new piece.

Someone please,please shove a sock in both the Warnes mouths. It's starting to sound like professional victimism** promoted by media. It's not like it was a shock.

Luvyasalllongtime *g*


* I'm not bagging on Troy, just the commentators.
** Is that a real word? I can't be stuffed looking it up:-)

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Dogbait said...

I've been around for the Cats last 4 premierships now although a touch too young to remember '51 and '52. I was at the Town Hall in '63 and now this.