Friday, February 27, 2009


This is my donation to the Bendigo Fightback Fundraiser for Bendigo and Redesdale bushfire victims. The Auction is being held tonight and you have to be there in order to bid. Pebbles the cat caused me some angst by jumping up my thigh [ouchy puncture marks!] and onto the wet size, so I turned it into a mixed media artwork which I actually quite enjoyed, so will do more!

A3 Arches 300gsm Hot Press with 23ct gold, gouache, watercolour and ink.

The text is latin from Carmina Minora of Claudian, which translated into english says :
"Thou who art about to leave thy years behind upon yon pyre, who, by this pretence of death, art destined to rediscover life; thou whose decease means but the renewal of existence and who by self-destruction regainest thy lost youth, receive back thy life, quit the body that must die, and by a change of form come forth more beauteous than ever"

The images are based on various manuscript images all around the same time period based on the story of the Phoenix rising [Aberdeen Bestiary 1200 & Der naturen bloeme 1350] and the tree of Jesse from the Lambeth bible [abt 1140]

6 Even Wiser people reply:

Ozfemme said...

It's beautiful and the text so poignant.

Well done you!

antikva said...

Thanks chickybabe :-) Hopefully someone buys it. I'm a little nervous to tell the truth *g*

Ann ODyne said...

"hope someone buys it"?

for godsakes its divine and they'll be fighting for it.

Brilliant - and maybe the cat was clever for it's part.

FEED it before you go sizing again though.

much love

antikva said...

LOL Thanks Ann :-) it's up against cars and houses and other expensive toys.

She does not like to be left out of the creative process. It's something to do with the gouache I've been told, apparently it's like catnip to some. I think she sees herself as a Picatto *groan*

And on that note, it's apparent I have not had enough sleep, so I am going to bed *g*

Jupiter Family said...

Please visit our website--Hermes Art:

iODyne said...

REST is so critical for repairs to our bodies.

You have been stretching yourself far and wide just lately.
Slow up and let Mr Antikva catch you.

I don't wanna see a post here for some long time please.