Monday, February 02, 2009


I did have a post written but it was too sookylala to post. So...

I've become addicted to Vampire Wars on Facebook, obviously a stress release.
I've done backgrounds ready to put something on, what I have no clue... I'm stuck in my own head and can't get it out at the moment.

I think I've developed cabin fever today after cowering inside from the heat for a week. The only time I've left the house was to go get loo paper and icy poles. I thought about making homemade ice cream but it was too hot to go to that much effort, so it's on a later list :-)

I read 2 Ruth Rendell novels and about to start my 3rd.

I really, really need to clean my workroom, it looks like a cyclone came through.

I can't draw in straight lines so Mr Matte Cutter is going to have to matte yet another of my artworks to hide that fact *g*

I can't cut the mattes myself as I tend to then require stitches and although it's trendy to include DNA as part of the authentication process, I don't think blood splashes give quite the effect I was aiming for!

I am thinking of going back to Uni and doing a 1 year Grad Diploma and teaching. Can't decide if I want to do that or not. On one hand, no I'd rather remain as I am but on the other, we bought a house. Or, I could always go back to Banking. or not.

And on that note, I am going to bed. I just bored myself to sleep! LOL

3 Even Wiser people reply:

Ann ODyne said...

reason: no thinking required.

grad course: HECS debt ripping the guts out of your tax return the minute you are Earning.
plus: mature students generally know more than the dumbcluck lecturers/tutors who wash up on the shores of regional 'universities'
(this insult excludes the lovely Ms Lucy Tartan)

Just ask me about the wackos running the Degree of Business management at Ballarat NotaUniversity Really.

Human Resource Management Lecturer missed one when his wife had a baby, and did not advise class or arrange replacement.
He missed the next lecture as well and the replacement was 30 mins LATE.
Of 77 sitting for a 1st semester exam, I got the highest mark, the only D. That tells you something, since I had not had any schooling for 40 years.
1st Semester Marketing lecturer had not heard of Calvin Klein.
2nd Semester marketing lecturer fresh from London
(John Gluyas where are ya?)
claimed he had not heard of Homer Simpson.
When I expressed astonishment, a Third Year student said "it doesn't matter, cos nobody watches that anymore"
I quit that day.

Don't get a HECS debt for nongs like that.
have I cheered you up?

antikva said...

Ann oDyne said...
have I cheered you up?

errrr, I guess LOL

Nah, upon reflection and discussion with the OH, Banking is off the table as there is a reason I am an ex-bankie and has to do with stupidity burnout. I'd guess the non thinking part comes into play there!

I have been told to continue as I am. Apparently I am much nicer to live with.

I'd only be topping up the HECS debt too, so OH says I may as well muddle along and look at other stuff if it becomes desperate. *sigh*

antikva said...

Seriously? WTF? Who doesn't know who Homer Simpson is and Calvin Klein?

OMG. I'd have quit too!