Thursday, March 26, 2009

Well, I think I've stopped sulking...

My feelings were hurt but now I'm just snarky. Oh well. Has there been a full moon or did the world tip back into the Mercury thing?

Anyway, building a bridge, I have been a busy little bee chained to my desk and slaving away. I just scrapped a whole stack of stuff and consigned it to the currently unloved creation coffin [ or, rusty old trunk in the corner] and am now working on new stuff. But, have to make a flying visit to Spotlight to get some stuff that the art shops don't sell here. Plus, I have to go to Melbourne to get some paint as no one stocks the brand I use here. *sigh*

Daughter has my new phone in Melbourne. So, I think I'll be training down to the big smoke in the near future. Chadstone & Southland and coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and Borders!

The house is a mess and driving me crazy so I've been blitzing a room at a time [ or trying to] The cat won't leave me alone as OH is away until the end of the month and so only has me to provide her entertainment and affection. Oh, and the possum in the roof is providing me with plenty of entertainment in the wee hours.

I feel like I'm living a giant game of tetris with boxes everywhere. Still not sure of what's happening in the next 6 months and honestly... can't be stuffed at the moment to unpack. I feel very disheartened. And pissed off because I missed going to Phillip Island for the World Supers :-( and then because I had to chase and chase to get the last of our deposit back.

Frenzy [son's pet insect] gave birth to thousands of eggs in 2 sacks, all of which were put outside to hatch. I don't mind praying mantis's but not squillions of them in the house.

Painting sold :-)

Anyway, I am off to get some sleep, night all :-)

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3 Even Wiser people reply:

iODyne said...

praying mantises are just adorable when they tilt their faces to look at you

glad to hear you retrieved deposit.

Make the possum a house and then block up the hole it uses to get in the roof. Timing is crucial as they are nocturnal and you don't wanna seal them INside the roof.

sorry you are in a limbo, but there must be a positive side to it (wracks brain trying to thinkof one. brain is fogged by tramadol for pinched sciatic nerve. am gonna try yoga if I can get up to get down)

peace and love to youse all

Ozfemme said...

I don't think the swarm of mantises (mantii?) will add much to the current ambience.

My advice? Go shopping. Always works for me.

Jen xo said...

So next time you are up at spotlight look me up, im usually on the cutting counter!
Wow, that many praying mantis' fertile little devils! jenxo