Friday, April 03, 2009


Oh my, I am so cornfuzzled! Between following, friending and facebooking I am feeling a little terrorised by technology! LOL


If I am not your friend or follower or facebooker and I am s'posed to be [or if you'd like me to be] please do not be offended, you can email me and make jokes at my expense about my memory *grin* Please put dropbears in the subject line to skirt my most excellent spam filter. My email addy is available on my complete profile over there --->

Anyway, the reason I popped in was to say I hope all my blogger/fb/twitter friends in the Big smoke are okay and do I need to send paddles? or vodka? and oy! how about sharing some of the wet stuff? Seriously tho, I hope everyone and everything stayed dry.

2 Even Wiser people reply:

Ann ODyne said...

cue Sibyl Fawlty voice:
Oooh I knnow ...

between FaceBlogger and TwitBook
and my various a.k.a's I don't know which way I'm going.

and wasnt the weather a trick?
stinking hot all night, then drenched at lunchtime in not enough clothes.
Luckily, I swung into an opshop hoping to find a BoHo draggy old raincoat and fell over an Yves StLaurent trenchcoat in immaculate condition. an opshop!
I do feel sorry for the Kingsville people now flooded - but at least the rain will grow some bird food.


Ann ODyne said...

Laura Sills Bend you met at our Bendigo Gallery Frock Blog married in her garden today.
The Age A2 magazine ran her article about hard-rubbish day too - it's on page 20.

Hope you are OK.
I hgave this new life where I have absolutely no obligations of any kind.
I sleep in and comment a lot.
It's wonderful.