Wednesday, June 03, 2009

sick kidlet

D2 woke up covered in blood today from a nosebleed, so we're waiting to hear what is going on. Her neurologist wants to see her tomorrow but also wanted her to see a GP today as well. She's been at Emergency since then as she couldn't get in to see a Dr anywhere else and at least they have her medical history with the seizures & medications she's on. The Emergency Dept even tried a few clinics for her but no go. She just sent me a text to say they've moved her into a different room as her nose started to bleed again :-(

Hopefully it's nothing, she said she didn't feel like she'd had a seizure.

Meanwhile back at the ranch we've had youngest home as well, he must be okay as he just came in and asked if he could go to school tomorrow LOL
No he doesn't have swine flu.

I've been torturing some fabric into flowers and now I am sewing seed beads onto them, one tiny bead is stuck under my keyboard randomly sticking a key LOL I've tried vacuuming it out but the little bugger is playing hide and seek with me!

I also got some cam coloured wool, so am making the youngest 2 beanies and scarves from it.

Sorry, I know this is a bit disjointed but I'm worried about the kid. Anyway, back later!

3 Even Wiser people reply:

BwcaBrownie said...

oh no - much sympathy from me - a hospital is no place for a sick person! I hope evrything comes good real quick.

re keyboard bead: try BLOWING it out with a hairdryer

antikva said...

Oh Brownie! lol, I never thought of the bloody hairdryer! You are an angel! it's driving me craaaazy :D

She's got to have bloodwork done and then back to the Neuro as he's not really happy about the whole thing. Hopefully it's nothing bad.

sexy said...