Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm bloody glad I ain't a rockstar!

cos there is no way I am going to drop from a ceiling in a sheet.

Went to see Pink's funhouse concert with D2 at Rod Laver on Tues night, excellent! Although the drive down was terrifying due to the heavy rain and icy road :-( then on the way back we had heavy fog!
And as if I just conjured it's pouring again now :D

I said I wasn't going to buy anything but in the end I bought a mug, tshirt and poster. I really must erase the "S" off my forehead!

Every single guy in the audience was waiting for the pink love heart to come adrift :D I should have pics next week as the daughter still has them.

The reason why it was a drive down was because the teenage boy in the family has suddenly discovered an intense need to go to school every day. Usually it's the opposite and I drag him kicking & squealing all the way, so I have concluded that there must be a female incentive :D

Husband likes his new job. So I guess that means we are staying.

Nightynight :D

3 Even Wiser people reply:

JahTeh said...

I saw an interview with her and she loves coming here because Australians 'get her' which means we share the same kind of snark.
She gives value for money not like some I could name. I wouldn't pay 5 cents to see Madonna.

Ann ODyne said...

Neither would I pay even 5 measly cents to see Madges scrawny arms,
I would have gone to Pink with Antikva and we would have ROCKED the roof.
Bad Girls never grow old.

Ozfemme said...

Amen to that.