Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Belated Birthday Bash

Tonight we finally went out for my birthday LOL I decided to try the Bistro at the Football club, if you ever come to Bendigo, ask me for the info. It was excellent and there was no way I was going to finish it all. They definitely are not stingy with the food. The prices aren't bad either.

White chocolate cheesecake .... drool..

and they even passed the coffee test! [most places fail dismally]

They're going down like bowling pins in the team trials tonight :(

No, I don't think they should allow riders who have tested positive for illegal drugs back in to the Tour de France. It doesn't matter if it was not performance enhancing, if it's illegal...tough. I don't care if you don't agree, you try being the mother of a long term drug addict and tell me it's okay to make it out to be nothing of consequence. You can't tell me there are no consequences that affect other team riders either. If he was serious, he'd be in rehab getting clean after 3x testing + for cocaine.

So, flame away but unless you have intimate knowledge of drug use and how it impacts on people around you and tell the truth, not fanciful excuses. F.O.

Hopefully I'll be scooting down to the city in the next few weeks, I need to go to the art shop and the coffee shop and the book shop and the errrrrmmmmm, oh! craft shop and then Southland & Chaddy.

Oh and I need to visit somebody & drop some stuff off :D I'd let her know 'cept she's never home when I've called the last few weeks. I hate 101. LOL

6 Even Wiser people reply:

Anonymous said...

I'd be surprised if anyone flamed those comments.

Swistle said...

Cheesecake AND good coffee? I'm there.

Kerryn Madsen-Pietsch Multi/Mixed-Media Visual Artist said...

Found you via my new blog subscriber! Many happy returns!

antikva said...

Dogbait : ermmm, you clearlyhang out at more upmarket forums LOL I fully expected to have to break out the flame retardant *grin*

Swistle : Ohhhhhh, it was heavenly! Worth a long plane trip even :D

Kerryn! I didn't even think to ask if you had a blog, DUH! Thanks for the good wishes :D

Ozfemme said...

I'm fashionably late or unforgivably late (I'll leave that up to you) with my Happy Birthday Wishes. Hope you had a good one! White chocolate cheesecake .... drool..... which reminds me, I haven't had a vodka raspberry in a very long while.... could be because it's hot chocolate weather, although the vodka tends to curdle the milk... but anyhoo, Happy Birthday for... hang on, wasn't it June???

JahTeh said...

Never mind the cheesecake, Bella remember Bastille Day.

I've told you before to send an email and I'll shut up shop, have a pee and be waiting by the phone.