Monday, July 20, 2009


Have had an absolutely shitful weekend. Some blithering old twat tried to run me off the bloody road because he didn't stay in his lane as we came out of the shopping centere, how the guy behind me didn't run up my arse is beyond me. My only avenue of escape apart from slamming on the brakes was to go off into the trees, which promptly made me blow my fuse and reignited both the back and migraine. He didn't even know that he'd changed lanes. GAH!

Although I did have a larf at the fact that he was going so slow that people were blasting him with their horn, 20 in a 70 zone and not knowing which lane you're meant to be in should indicate that perhaps grandpa should hand in his licence and sell the car before he kills someone.

So I've spent all weekend whining about the light, the light and STFU before I duct tape everybody.

I couldn't even look at my laptop because OMG it's bright even when you use it on battery power. and I'm about 5000 flowers behind in my goal for the wedding.

Last night we went back to the local Bistro to see if the previous meal was a fluke and happily it was not! Different cook as well, so that's pretty good. This time we had chocolate pudding as dessert, OMG, it was YUM! so that is now our preferred dining out choice. Except others have twigged, so we need to get there earlier :D

I've noticed recently that lots of places we've been to make chocolate anything really dense and toooooo rich, now, I love chocolate but it doesn't need to be overkill to be wonderful. I once ordered chocolate cake, which was more the texture of a double choc muffin with chocolate sauce poured all over it and chunks of chocolate on top and a chocolate mousse type cream. Too much, so please stop doing it. BTW, each piece of cake does not need to be drizzled [swamped] with chocolate sauce as a decorative effect.

I'm glad Julie won Masterchef, so there :p

5 Even Wiser people reply:

Anonymous said...

Let me see, was I in Bendigo at the weekend.

antikva said...

HA! Bloody Ford drivers ;-)

Hey, if you do come through here don't forget to give me a yell. before, not after :D

Jen xo said...

bendigo drivers are THE worst!

pick me up thurs or fri and ill help you make SOME of your 500 flowers, ill bring the glue gun but no choc cake!!jenxo

JahTeh said...

Sorry you're behind because I just emailed the most gorgeous necklace and head dress.

Couldn't you have gently nudged old man off into the trees? I'm sure every other driver would turned blind in that instant.

antikva said...

Jenxo : ROFL, worse than Melbourne drivers even! No choc cake? *pout* will ring you.

Jah Teh, I emailed you :D they are beautiful, the head dress is really unusual too. HA! wish I'd thought of that. bugger. I was busy employing every swear word I know, even in Japanese.