Wednesday, July 22, 2009

There must be an eclipse....

This neighbourhood is defintely weird interesting. In the last year we've had 3 drunks tossed out of cars, 2 of which were knocked out cold & involved cops & ambulances. One drunk woke up decided to try and thump hubby & another driver who'd stopped to help [ I was at the front door with the baseball bat & was going to go out if he'd kept it up] Cops chasing unregistered motorbikes that use the vacant land behind/beside us as a getaway, a slow speed chase with lights & sirens that the guy gave them the slip, a fire bomb twice in the allotment down the road and then last night... I was woken at 3am by the sound of a wheelie bin being dragged along the footpath. What's wrong with that, you may ask, yes, I also initially thought someone had forgotten to put their bin out but the noise went on for a long time, so I went for a stickybeak.

I have never seen someone taking an empty wheelie bin for a romantic moonlit stroll before. Especially not to a cemetery

| HELP 5¢ |
|| .-"""--. ||
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__||____;_--'___'/ ( ||
|\ || (__,\\ \_/------||
|||| |
\||| IS [IN] _____|
\|| (______)
` `` `

Now I have, my life is complete :D
Neighbourhood life was never this interesting in Melbourne!

3 Even Wiser people reply:

Ann ODyne said...

oh dear.
I wish we knew Part 2 of Wheelie-Bin Cemetery Tour.

Actually I think there truly is some astro-weirding reason why July 22 is a life-changing date.
better go check for the details.

peace and love to youse all

Jen xo said...

lol, you must live in a much more interesting street than me!!
Its downright boring here!!

JahTeh said...

I know I offered you my Feng Shui book but I think you need an army of experts for this neighbourhood.

I'm with Miss O'Dyne, couldn't you have followed the wheelie bin? I mean, it's only a cemetary, who could hurt you.