Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So this is Christmas...

This year I haven't felt very Christmassy after all the crap that's happened :( but the tunnel is starting to show a bit of light and I finally kicked myself in the butt and made some Cutlery stockings, this year the table theme is gold, white and stars. I made the small table tree for gothy daughter, just have to finish making a pink one for the older one for her house.

Tree is up, presents are bought and I'm wrapping them tonight. Just have to buy salad veges & watermelon, make my potato salad and choc ripple cake and then I'm done. Phew! That's Christmas Eve, the next day we pack up and drag everything to Melbourne for the day with the outlaws and other rellies. We have some breakables this year, so I'm a little worried they'll break in the car. Might have to make the gothy one hold the boxes on her lap all the way :D [ she reads my blog, so I can't resist teasing LOL]

We did the light run the other night, I've never seen so many houses with lights! Was good though and I particularly liked one place with a humongous Santa out the front which we found by accident, it did cross my mind that it would be a good way to stop door salesmen LOL

I've also made some new necklaces, more paintings are in progress and now I have broken out the Christmas Carols, so I hope everyone has a happy & safe Christmas.

5 Even Wiser people reply:

dogbait said...

Doesn't look like a white Christmas for us again this year. Have a good one.

Jen xo said...

aww im loving it. it looks so.. well, Christmasssy!!!!

i so wanted to catch up [i had today in my mind] but am sooo far behind i need to hit the shops...!

maybe we could do a after Chrissy , pre new year lunch instead eh?
Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and drive safe xxxxxjen

Jan :) said...

Laughed about the Santa. ;) Have a great Christmas! Cheers! :)

antikva said...

LOL DB :D when I'm rich & famous I'll buy a snowmaker and invite everyone to my ice castle for a white Christmas. Enjoy the beach this year , hope the tourists give you all a break too :D

Jen, cool bananas! text me what day/time suits you and I'll be there :D Hope you have a few relaxing days of fun with your family :D

Jan, LOL I was hoping you'd catch the reference! I didn't want you to think I was a crazed axe wielding stalker by bashing on your front door or anything. As soon as I saw him I said, hey, I know that Santa! Hubby thought I'd lost my mind ;p I hope you & your family all have an extra special fun Christmas as it's your first one since you arrived back.

Merry Christmas hugs to everyone :D

JahTeh said...

Bloody hell, I'm exhausted just reading all that and the only decent cutlery holder is an edible one.