Thursday, February 25, 2010

oh dear...

It's a good thing I have never publically claimed to have high intelligence :D

Did you know that when you get the comments on your blog by email that it's not the person's actual email address? sigh.

I have been replying to everyone's comments but for some reason have replied by email and only realised that it does not go to the person I thought I was replying too. How embarassment!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some teasers : I took them on my phone and so the quality is absolutely dreadful but here are some things that may or may not be related to some posts in the very near future  :D like from next Monday...

Yes, the horse is a happy chappy :D I have no idea why he decided to smile but I liked it.
My photographer started Uni, so is too busy to take proper photo's until later this week so these will have to do for now. 

I've also gessoed 18 boards [ about 6x2"] & some canvases ready to get plastered and backgrounded and screwed the chains into them, which killed my fingers but their done! I have whole series that I've been plodding away on and ready to go.  I've also started on the artwork for the Art Award, which has to be in by the 17 March, can't show a pic of that yet. One art doll is done but she's going to someone already :D and I forgot to take a pic before I wrapped her up :( but have one that is similiar that I've started so will take pics of that one. LOL

Apart from that, I've been kind of wandering along, not stressing as I'm going pretty well healthwise except for the ankle bits, so everything stored on top of bookshelves has to either wait till the youngest [ who is also the tallest LOL] is home from school or is already at my level so I don't get up on tippytoes *grinz* I was offered a stepladder but declined cos to be honest, I'd fall off for sure!

Plus I have been steadily working away on the wedding stuff, none of which I am allowed to show anyone yet :( <---- that's really a pout LOL

Adios Amigos, until tomorrow! :D I'm off to get some zzzzzz's

3 Even Wiser people reply:

BwcaBrownie said...

1. you are a whirl of creativeness dear Tikky - beautiful things.

2. The noreply blogger email notifications - bwah ha ha - well it's almost funny. I wondered why you were so quiet! Glad to know you are OK

do not reply to this notification,
click the live link.

It's because you must be exhausted from all that you manage to achieve while some of us are just lolling in bed with laptops.

antikva said...

Brownie :D Yes, I'm fine, just a bit random I think LOL

I feel like kids and husbands are all over the place and I'm running around behind them trying to put them where they're meant to be ROFL

Now I have a sickly one as well with a almost man cold :p

Hope all is well in your part of the world! I keep seeing Mother & Son and think of you [ but in the Son role iykwim :D] don't get too stressed tho'.

antikva said...

oh blimey.
to clarify... I only have one husband, not plural :p