Sunday, July 09, 2006

Did I tell you I got a new Razr? hehehe. Sorry, I always only ever had a basic mobile until then, so I love my new phone with it's bells & whistles, such a pretty shiny thing. I can even set multiple alarms, so I don't have to remember to reset the alarm each time to do things like get up, pick kidlets up from school or remind me to stop hunching over something I'm working on.

I don't have to pay for ringtones anymore or fiddle around in composer hitting the wrong keys & torturing perfectly good tunes. So, I have put mp3 snippets on as my ringtones, I have 2 I use at the moment, both from Adam Thompson's RECONNECTED cd, She's a Machine and Electric Jesus and Yes, I have permission to use them [so snoopy spy companies, stick that in your pipe.] I even worked out how to put the album cover on as my wallpaper.
Did I mention I love my new phone? heh.

Apart from that, I have done nothing all weekend except sit on my butt watching tv, reading and beading. Tomorrow, I work & battle the beauracrats.

Hugz Bugz!

Feelin' - creative
Hearin' - Car Song - Cat Empire
Readin' - Hair Raiser by Nancy J Cohen

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