Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hit the wall

I actually cried tonight, yelled at hubby and kids and nearly slammed the cat in the doorway.  I don't cry or yell very often so everyone took flight to hide, which is the reason I nearly squished the cat.

I'm thinking of putting up a reward for someone to find my bloody software disks.

I know they're in a box but have no clue which one as is labelled lounge or shed. I have a deadline and as I am a Ms control freak with perfectionist tendencies I stress out if something gets in the way. Although, as I said it's very rare for me to get to the frustation level of crying and yelling.

So now, I'm listening and singing along to Bay City Rollers *g*

Bye Bye Baby  [heh]


One of my blogging buddies has started a new blog called What I see out my window  I'm sending him a pic tomorrow, bit hard right now, cos it's dark LOL

Go send him a pic.

All of me loves All of you [ hmm, never heard this BCR song before!]

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