Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

We're back from the Superbikes at Phillip Island, had a great weekend. I got sunburnt/windburnt as usual. We were planning a leisurely drive back and lunch with the Daughter left behind and visit some friends. Just as we were packing, got a phone call to say Yoda was sick. Oy.

So, power packed and flew straight home on the freeways. If you ever need to know, it takes 3 and a bit hours from there to here on a direct flight. Oh and a headache and  a sickening feeling that you abandoned one of your babies in their time of need because you know no one here that could pick him up and the school don't have a sick bay and OMG he's sick! I was freaking out as I couldn't tell exactly *how* sick he was and the grandparents had already left to go home, so....

He's fine.

So today I am painting and gilding before my head explodes. Have to get the pix off the camera and choose some to upload. I'll tell all later tonight.

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