Friday, March 14, 2008



Sorry 'bout the shoe box background! It's incredibly hard to find something to hang a necklace on and take photo's of it. My official photographer [hubby] is in bed and I can't take photo's to save my life [ as you can tell LOL] but you can at least get the gist of what I have been doing.

This one is for Daughter No 2. I was going to toss it as I didn't like the pattern but she loves it, so I turned it into this. It's pink. Yes. Not really me but anyway!

So, worked out ok. I am in the process of making more now that I have worked out how to finish them off. Buttons are cooking now, so should have pics tomorrow sometime. I have a lot of designs I've drawn, now I need to turn them into something wearable. I'm also planning on gilding in the morning and have been making gesso as well as charcoal to make new ink as it all had to be left behind :-(

Fun. The neighbours probably think I'm brewing something illegal ROFL

Yes, Rob, I know, I forgot. Will take a pic tomorrow sometime and put it up, I promise! It's not *that* interesting though!

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