Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Life in the country

Overnight I have succumbed to the evil flu/cold germs floating around. You would think that the fresh country air would scare them off, but no. Tomorrow I am going down to Melbourne on the train for the day...

Anyone want to take bets on the number of death stares I get from other commuters as I sneeze and snuffle my way to the SE suburbs?

To the [ahem]friendly person who emailed me : I'd just like to point out that I was not bagging out Hugh Grant in my previous post. I've just read his Wiki bio as well as a couple of interviews and from that I have formed the opinion that, no you are quite correct, in Real Life he would not be a sad loney git. Probably more a cynical smartarse like me and the lovely Anonymous commenter who actually comprehended what my post was about.

So, there you have it *grin*

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