Wednesday, July 02, 2008

OMG! When did this happen?

I have obviously been a closet Hugh Grant fan for years without even realising it.

And it hasn't been obvious, even to me. We bought some new dvd's on sale and I grabbed Love Actually as it was on special for $3. Anyway, youngest daughter and I are putting them away and she says "Would you like me to put all the Hugh Grant movies together?"


Yes. That's right, I wrote that correctly. I have enough movies with Hugh Grant in them to have a whole Hugh Grant category. When did that happen? I wasn't aware that I even liked his movies. So, I've been turning this over in my mind all night. It's a bit troubling, does this mean I like romantic comedy's? or, perhaps sad lonely gits?

I've always been the sensible one, head on straight. Not the one who watches romance and reads Mills and Boon and cries at weddings.

But apparently I am.

4 Even Wiser people reply:

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling. I was always the cynical one scoffing at romance as well, but even I have numerous Hugh Grant dvd's in my collection!

antikva said...

Hi Anonymous! Thank you! I am so glad that I am not the only one seduced to the dark side of movies by Hugh Grant.

I'm clinging to the desperate belief that it's the comedy I like. LOL

Ann ODyne said...

Lizzie The Hurley met him when they were in a Romance movie and said it was the white britches wot done her in.
I may have seen 4 weddings and a funeral about every time it is ever screened, and once when I felt bad I had Hughtherapy by DVD - rented about 5 and watched them back to back - Notting Thing, About 2 Boys, Sense and Prejudice Sobs Actually, etc etc.

antikva said...

Ann, did you see wot movie was on tonight! ROFLMAO!

I love the fountain scene.

I love Music and Lyrics, but at the time I bought it, I thought I liked Drew Barrymore movies. But. No. according to my dvd collection, it's Hugh LOL