Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sniffles was the name....

OzFemme has been unwell, go make her feel better. Then come back here and make me feel better as I've since caught her germs even though we live in different states and with different germ factories kids.

I snuffled my way to Melbourne to see my GP. I haven't been able to find one here and he already knows the ins and outs of all the ducks. Youngest daughter also needed to have a blood test done, poor kidlet was not happy after. They tried many drinks of water and hot packs to try and coax her veins up with no luck. At one stage they were even looking on her hands and feet to see if they could get a cooperative vein. The Dr ended up doing it himself. From a very small vein.

Then I dragged myself* to Southland for some shopping therapy. and tissues.

I got the Countdown Spectacular 2 dvd that I have been chasing for ages. Big W is having a dvd sale, so we got some more movies. Handy now that I am stuck in bed feeling like fat cat has taken up residence on my ribcage. I also got the complete 6 series & Specials of One Foot in the Grave which is as good as chicken soup! I love that show.

We had fun trying to catch trains at both Sthn X and Flinders St. The line we needed at Sthn was closed [found out later that a train upline had a door stuck open] and at Flinders their display thingy was wrong, the other one was blank, with the added bonus of a track change to the blank side with no warning. Everyone getting on kept asking where the train was going. LOL

Well, I'm off to turn the bathroom into a steam room. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Hugs Bunnies.

* 2nd eldest drove us around, she's on L plates still, so got plenty of practice in. We were nearly in an accident as some silly cow in a tarago with squillions of kids decided to pull out from a side street over 4 lanes of traffic. All the kidlet could say once we pried her hand off the horn and the stream of obscenities subsided was how glad she was that her Dad made her pay the extra for good brake pads he installed. LOL Oh yeah, youngest piped up with "Wow. you sound just like Mum" Hmm.

2 Even Wiser people reply:

Ann ODyne said...

Richard Meldrew would have fumed about that Tarago.
and bloody Southern Spencer Cross Street bloody fkn station would give him infarktion of the cardiac kind.

antikva said...

LOL, most definitely!
I can just hear him "I don't bloody believe it!" hehehehe