Friday, September 23, 2005

My Nana

Nana went peacefully in her sleep yesterday afternoon. We got the chance to kiss her and hug her while she was still awake and the four of us stayed there with her overnight. I'm really glad that Mum got there in time, so that Nana knew she was there too.
We're having a simple service with a slideshow of her life with family and friends on Monday as she didn't want a fussy funeral. When she was little she never had a teddy bear, so the bear she has now will be going with her. No black to be worn and then we're doing a pokie crawl. She didn't drink or smoke but she LOVED the pokies! [not in a gambling problem way though] A couple of years ago,when Dad, Mum and Nana were visiting us in Wodonga, RCK got up for work at 6am and Nana scared the crap out of him when she cheerily chirped Good morning from the lounge chair LOL She was all dressed and ready to go while everyone else was still snoring.

I'm home for now, we're taking Nana's sister back down with us otherwise she can't get there.
I'm off to the dentist cos I broke a bloody tooth yesterday on a choc chip bikkie of all things.

Hugs everyone.

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