Sunday, September 18, 2005

Stew for tea

We have a guest in the house, I will try to put up a pic later. He's a bit of a rude guest however, hogs the bathroom, ate all my carrots & to top it off, he bit me! Well, nibbled on my arm anyway, but he's so cute and has the biggest brown eyes that makes him instantly forgivable.
Got home yesterday after making RCK drive me to the art shop for supplies, we see a rabbit [of all things!] sitting on our front lawn in the pouring rain. Bloody thing can run too, let me tell ya! We finally snagged him & began the door knocking. Nobody is missing a rabbit, but they did see him in our yard for 2 days [ What The???????] He's lucky our cats are inside cats & too fat & lazy to chase anything. He's very friendly & we've only had one fluffed tail, when Pebbles opened the door and she's more jealous that an usurper was taking her rightful petting time LOL
Soooo, if anyone knows of someone who has lost a rabbit, let me know! We've called him Stew [much to the horror of the kidlets.] told them that's why we're only feeding him veges.heh.

I now have 2 rooms in the house, a computer room and an art studio, too much crap to cram in the tiny space I was using, I was falling over stuff everywhere. So, RCK moved everything while I was sick. We fiiiiinally got the 2 new couches for the family room, we got the new clik clak one's, they're great, but I have to alter my colour scheme now, as they only come in 3 colours, none of which matched the rest of the room.

Anyone know the best way to kill European wasps? We have lots of them in the Christmas tree things out the front, I don't want to remove all the trees yet, so the wasps must go. We don't have the nest and can't find it, according to the Council, the nest can be up to 5 klms away :-(

Well, I'm off, Cya's round like a rissole :-)

Feelin' : sleepy
Hearin' - Shine -Shannon Noll

1 Even Wiser people reply:

BwcaBrownie said...

'the nest can be 5kms away' - oh thanks a bloody lot. My favourite handy home hint I will tell you for free is the magic spray can of Pure & Simple or Olive Oil (ignore the CFC's just this once). Spray anything with little wings and it will drop like a stone where you can squash it- a more humane death than the slow poisoning of Baygon or similar, and with none of the floating poison onto foods. or onto rabbits.
handy hint no 2: wascally wabbits will chew the 3-pin plug off the TV or the lamps (watch the globe flash on then off then on, while Stew is chewing, and wonder why it doesn't kill or cook him).
Wabbits only want to run away which is how you come to have him. The parents of the child who lost him do not want you to return him either - it cost them a bomb to get those plugs re-attached to all their appliances. love, B