Monday, September 26, 2005


waaah, I'm so tired! My fault, I've been a night owl doing some research. The funeral is now Wednesday, my little bro is flying down, so we have to go collect him and then he gets to sit in the back with the cranky old great aunt on the drive down heh. Mum is going to come up on Friday and stay here till she flies home on Sunday. I found out where I get the quirky music appreciation from LOL To say I was surprised at the music selections my Mum and Aunt have made, is an understatement!

Mia made her first ever unsupervised chocolate cake, looked great, so she iced it and then stuck it in the oven so the cats wouldn't eat it [or her brother!] You should have seen the look on her face when she went to proudly show me and the icing had melted into a puddle on the plate LOL Poor kid didn't realise that the oven was still a tad warm. 'twas nice though :-)

I've been running around trying to find her a formal dress, she's suddenly decided to be a social butterfly. Really, they should have a better market for darklings, they do like to do some normal social activities [contrary to popular belief!] but don't like to wear the sparkly stuff. Wow, I better not get started on that subject, I've just had a verbal battle over individuality and conformation. LOL Our kidlets are such a variety of personalities, one's a princess, one's a darkling, Yoda's the sensitive but laid back dude and the eldest one is techno/trance type.

Well, I'm finally tired, think I 'll hit the hay, only prob is I keep thinking that, then get back up cos I can't sleep.

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pinkme said...

I am sorry to hear about your Nana. I hope that Wednesday goes as well as possible (is it already Wednesday there?)
I had to laugh bout the cake incident- I did something very similar when I was young.

BwcaBrownie said...

Greetings and love from brownie,