Monday, December 19, 2005

What's next?

Honestly, in the last 3 months we've had so much drama in our street, it's unbelievable! Spiked tyres up and down the whole place [13 all up] they stole the top spikes of a neighbours fence to use & just to maximise the expense they spiked the walls of all of the tyres. Flying eggs all over the place, shopping carts hanging from street signs, Windscreens being smashed, front & back and even a hit'n'run with a parked vehicle.
Then this morning, Elvis and his friends captivated the whole neighbourhood. This afternoon as an encore, we had a brawl next door, lots of swearing and abuse, you get the picture. Cops turned up and took my name as a witness. They'd parked their cars outside our house, so it was a bit hard to ignore when they took it to our footpath as well.

Our street currently holds the record for the most entries in a single Neigbourhood Watch newsletter this year.

WTH happened to a lazy summer?

2 Even Wiser people reply:

Ozfemme said...

Wow, makes me appreciate the sleep little neighbourhood we live in! Hope you're feeling better and peace, love and light are yours this silly season.

I thinks that's cool about the boys. It's a good name hey!

antikva said...

Thanks Bella, right back atchya!
It has been weird lately, must be something in the water! Yes, I think it shows we have great taste in names!
I hope your fur baby is back home where she belongs now. Hugs!