Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I told you this neigbourhood is suddenly busy, now nature is conspiring against us! Last night we lost power for hours after a huge tree fell across the road wiping out the powerlines. Luckily noone was driving through when it fell, so noone was hurt. They ended up getting the cops to block the road, so for hours we had their flashing lights bouncing all around. I felt sorry for the poor guys that had to just sit there and do nothing.

This arvo we've had a bushfire threatening to jump the road and come through, so all you could hear was fire engine sirens as more units kept turning up. They got it under control after a couple of hours though, so we thought it would be a bit quieter. Nope, Police chopper come screaming through at a great rate of knots really low. Have no idea what it was about, but he was moving.

Hope everyone is managing to keep cool. Remember, drink plenty of water, if you don't have a/c, wet towels or cloths & stick in the freezer to drape around your neck.

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BwcaBrownie said...

and our animal friends - water containers near your gate for lost dogs, and plenty of fresh water for your own.