Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year

I hope all of you have a wonderful 2006. I have decided I am.

Last night was interesting, fireworks surrounded our house, let off by enthusiastic neighbours. They tried to recreate the specialness again tonight. Don't think he quite meant the fireworks to hit & dent his car parked in his garage though, hard enough to set off his car alarm. heh. Part of it landed on our roof, luckily for him it fell off again onto the ground. I have no idea what kind of cracker it was, but it had solid bits and was still aflame.

I got a call from the local police to tell me that they caught the person who has been vandalising the neighbourhood [previous post here]. Apparently it makes him feel better.

Well, this year's off to a good start. I hit Save as Draft, instead of Publish. DUH!

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BwcaBrownie said...

Thanks for your visit - get offline and watch STILL CRAZY on at midnight - the best best rock n roll film.
Bill Nighy deserved an academy award for his Ozzie Osbourne type character.