Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Stolen Clagg guitar equipment - Melbourne

Melbourne based band Clagg had some gear stolen, if you see any of it around, you can let them know at teamclagg@hotmail.com

This is what the little gnats pinched:

-Marshall JCM2000 DSL100 head
-Marshall JCM900 1960A speaker cabinet
-Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960 reissue (vintage sunburst)
-Epiphone Les Paul Studio (blackish with a woodgrain finish)
-Marshall JCM2000 TSL100 head (a few knobs on the front are missing, also had a Shakira sticker - could leave a residue if peeled off)

1 Even Wiser people reply:

BwcaBrownie said...

Unfortunately this story is The History Of Rock n Roll.
I hope they get it back and have copy posted this at my place and The Ballroom.
Blogger On A Cast Iron Balcony is a working drummer and I will alert her too.