Monday, January 09, 2006

A quiet neigbourhood?

The MOTH went to the local supermarket to buy silverside for lunch on Saturday. As he was walking out a guy sitting on a bench near the carpark stood up and waved a meat cleaver at him. Obviously, he didn't want the MOTH to trespass on his walkway.

So, MOTH goes back in to the supermarket, they call the cops and the Manager hides out the back office. In the time it took for ONE cop to respond, the guy had put his meat cleaver in his pocket, got his shopping done and was walking away. Well, to be fair, he got his shopping done quickly cos everyone got out of his way. Maybe I should try that method of speed shopping? Cuts down the checkout queue time by about an hour. heh.

Apparently he's known to the cops and is possibly the person charged with all the neighbourhood vandalism.
According to local gossip.

And, I still had to cut up the silverside to fit in the sandwiches. Gah!

I have been busy though, I'm working on a dvd of Nana's life that my Mum & Aunt asked me to make. The funeral home gave us a cd of the slideshow but she wants one that can be played on a stand alone dvd player. They also missed music and photo's when they duplicated it, so I've added them all back in. I really hope they didn't pay a fortune for it to be done as they used only basic fade effects to make the original.
So, I finally cried and feel much better.

Oh, I forgot! My friend Matt's exhibition opening is being televised on Gallery Watch on Aurora Tv and Foxtel. It's great as he has worked really hard on this.
You can see some of his work at his site

Feelin' - Today I am the work in progress
Hearin' - When you wore a tulip - Walter Van Brunt

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