Tuesday, February 14, 2006

capping & casting

Today my thoughtful hubby gave me a huge box of chocolates for Valentine's day. Hmmmmm, guess he's forgotten about the $2500- gap payment for my dental surgery. hehe.

So, I toddled back down to the dentist today as the temp filling for the crown part was a tad sore. I thought it was no big deal & he was gonna tell me I was a big wimp, go home etc. Errrrr, no. It turns out it was infected, so he whacked the temp off, chucked some really seriously disgusting tasting stuff in my mouth and redid the temp.

Once he realised, poor hubby raced off and came home with 1/2 dozen roses and the Rogue Traders cd for me instead. Isn't he a darling? So, I regifted him the choccies as his present didn't arrive in time. I know S.A is behind us timewise, but not THAT much! You watch, it'll rock up tomorrow. GRRRRRR

I was laying on the couch before watching the news and Yoda suddenly says, Mum, look at my goatee. HUH? Did I fall into a coma and wake up 10 years later or something was my immediate thought. Nah, he stickytaped black paper onto his face and was singing Shannon Noll songs. Yes, I took photo's, I am an old hand at recording kids for future blackmail purposes.

Well, I think my cold porcelain clay has cooled enough to knead, so I better get casting.

I hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day.

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