Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cocomment'ing all over the blogosphere

I am a sucker for pretty shiny things that scream USE ME, I am going to be the next best thing. You have to be INVITED to use me, I am not just for anyone.
See, I can be shallow and egocentric, just like everybody else. heh.

I am not a gadget person in RL unless it's related to computers, yes, I know I'm geeky. That's a very desirable trait donchyaknow! This is where my Gemini'ess comes into play, the arty farty & geek parts of my brain that constantly battle for control. So, if I see the words on the web " Beta, by Invitation Only" to me, it's the equivalent of Manolo Blahnik shoes on Sale after Christmas. Get out of my way, I want that. I must have that.

Sooooo, word must have gotten out about my Beta tester fetish and I got sent an Invitation to Cocomment. Pretty cool, you know how you comment all over the place and then have to remember where? Well, that's what cocomment does basically. In a nutshell, you sign up, add a link to your browser & comment as a normal, cocomment saves a copy of your comment in your conversation page or to access as an rss feed in your reader, then you can see where & to who you've commented.

I can see where some problems could arise, but they seem to be actively working on them. So, based on that, it seems like this could be a really good way to keep track of your own conversations on different blogs.

2 Even Wiser people reply:

Ian Pye said...

Being a gadget nut myself, I got Cocomment on my blog. I like the idea, but it does have a few limitations at the moment, the main one I see being that it can't pick up comments like this one, where they are posted in a separate comments window rather than the main blog window. Hopefully they'll get that sorted out fairly quickly.

antikva said...

Well, bugger! You're correct, it won't let me do that. I hope so too, that's a bit of a pita.

I know they're working on the anonymous commenter side. Delicio lets me tag via a separate window, so maybe they could do something similiar.