Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Gah! Next time I say I have a bright idea, someone smack me back into reality!
Yoda's 11th birthday was on Tuesday, so by Sunday, we'd done 3 cakes, 6 pizza's, 9 candles & a truckload of gifts.
I had an empty wallet, 3 burnt fingers and a singed fringe and now know the reason I am not a teacher or provide any kind of childminding related services.

He had a birthday party on Saturday night, so I had 7 boys running around drunk on sugar for 5 hours. Huge storm just as it started, so I couldn't even release the pack out into the wilds of our backyard. It was supposed to be a pizza and dvd party, instead it degenerated into a Who can be the loudest and most obnoxious party. Guess who won? ME! heh. MOTH ran for the garage and hid out there, all the while claiming urgent repairs to his car. He's a mechanic, remind me to tell you about that later. heh.

So, Sunday, off to MIL & FIL's for the day. People who are older, really shouldn't get offside the only person likely to let them live with her rather than a nursing home. We are now the proud owners of a Hammond organ. Do I need say more?

Of course, this adds to Mia's repertoire of noisy musical instruments used to annoy the total crap outta of me, as teenagers do. The MOTH knows only one song to play, Amazing Grace, which when you think about it, is highly disturbing! and freaking irritating too, when it's been played 100 times in one day. Could be worse though, I could be teaching them! I can't even hum in tune to save my life, so they must have got the music genes from Dad.

Let me tell ya, by last night, I was thinking of packing and running away from home. No, not to join the circus, but I am seriously considering applying for an Internship in New York for an Illuminator. If some guy can get money to paint trees blue, I might have a chance to get a grant for airfare. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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