Monday, February 06, 2006

Going to hell in a handbasket.

Seriously. Yesterday I was tidying the family room while the kids were still in bed snoring and saw a group of Jehovah Witness people outside. So, I turned off the music and sat on the couch quietly resisting the urge to answer the knocking on the door. I didn't even grit my teeth and send nasty Go Away vibes.
So, it's very quiet except you can hear them knocking still, thought I had them fooled as the stoopit doorbell is not working, but they obviously caught onto that.
Suddenly a small head peers through the staircase at me and says, Mum, there is someone knocking at the door and he runs halfway down before I managed to hiss in my best Evil Mum voice, Open that door and I'm taking away your next birthday, Go back to bed!
heh. He turned tail and ran.
They came back later just as I was weeding the garden bed. *sigh*

Normally I don't mind doorknockers, however lately, they just won't take a polite No Thank You and GO. I've had 4 or 5 phone, gas & elec salesman who I've practically had to shoehorn off the verandah to make them go away. Not to mention, the number of telemarketers who also do the same thing on the phone. Which, btw, we have a silent phone number, so I always have to go through the rigmarole of saying, No, sorry, this isn't the *******'s number anymore. [They changed their number at least 5 years ago and even their friends still ring it] Most of the time the response I get is "Are you sure?" heh. Then the conversation just goes downhill from there, because then they want my surname to alter their records. One lot kept ringing back, obviously on the off chance to see if I would change my mind about who I was. I can be politely nasty when necessary, it's a by-product of being a bankie so long. They've never rung again. I think I made him cry.

The funniest one I've ever had though was the Privacy Commission dept coldcalling people to do a survey on Privacy & telemarketers. Huh?

I'm a busy little bee the next few days. I have a new source to check out [opals] and another supplier to freak out. Hope you all have good one's!

PS. Who knew 2 blogs would be such a PITA to do. I really wish the baddies would take a break. Sheesh.

Feelin' - tired
Hearin' - Fox on the Run - Sweet [Oh shut up! LOL]

4 Even Wiser people reply:

Bill Sticker said...


I always have a little 'sport' with cold callers. Why not ask them questions instead? "Hey really, so we're off snowboarding this weekend. What do you do with your spare time?"

Make it a game. Get them to open up without giving any of your details away. Then bore the buns off them with details of your non existant social life before saying "Well, got to go now, my personal stylist just walked in." and put the phone down before giving your name.

Likewise for cold callers at the door, why not try to sell them something? They'll soon pass the news about that 'Crazy' at wherever. Incidentally, I have yet to fulfil my life's ambition of being caught preparing stuffed beef hearts by the Jehovahs Winesses while wearing a black dressing gown.

Wind 'em up. It's great fun.



antikva said...

Incidentally, I have yet to fulfil my life's ambition of being caught preparing stuffed beef hearts by the Jehovahs Winesses while wearing a black dressing gown.

And, why am I not surprised that is one of your life's ambitions?
Could just be the anaesthetic affecting my judgement though LOL

Thanks Bill, I tried out your suggestion today actually, the crazy woman should be known about shortly. heh.

BwcaBrownie said...

so you love the bible and you want to share the joy with everyone and that's why you're here?

Well, I love AC/DC, and I want everyone else in the world to see how fabulous they are. Let me just read you the lyrics of Highway To Hell - they are so funny I know it will change your life .......

Anonymous said...


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