Tuesday, January 30, 2007

THe biggest load...

Seriously, I am so over this shit being in the news constantly. If they want to make a real difference, have free sport for all kids of school age and do proper health classes at achools for kids to learn it. Not this shit of running around the oval once a day either. Instead of profiting off kids and making them feel like shit listening/reading/seeing this kind of news, Put up or Shut up.

It costs a fortune to have a child do any kind of sport, when you have more than 1 child it gets to the point of being ridiculous.

I just had to take my 12 year old son to the Doctor last week to get him to tell him he is not obese and that he doesn't need to diet as long as he eats well and gets excercise. My 12 year old has bones sticking out everywhere and he hears the message that most kids in Australia are obese. Thanks a freaking lot.

In a couple of months the stories will all be about anorexics everywhere, *how shocking!* and they'll wonder why there's a surge in kids with anorexia.

Newsflash, most parents do know their kids/themselves are overweight but don't want to admit it. Many believe it's an indicator of how good they parent, so of course they're going to not admit it. Especially not to some stranger doing a poll.

So to all the Journo's, Researchers,Dieticians etc that are all so freaking worried about it to the point of these news stories being everywhere.. Lobby the Governments for free sport for all children whether it's played at school or on weekends.

"MOST parents don't think their overweight children are fat - and heavy parents are the worst judges of them all, a study has found."


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