Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Last year was a pretty shitty year all round. This year is shaping up to be exactly the same. We took our youngest to the Emergency Dept last night. He's had a sinusy/coldish type thing happening and got worse. Last Friday the Dr heard crackling in his chest and started him on antibiotics.

Nope. still coughing like crazy. Anyway, so last night we go to Emergency and they've discovered a systolic heart murmur Level 2/6 they also did an ECG* thingy as his pulse was erratic [ could have been the crazy lady in the waiting room who threw a phone at the Receptionist though!] and now we have to have a specialist follow up.

I can't understand how they could have missed it, he was born at 27 weeks, has partial deafness, 1 kidney [ the other is cystic as a quick description] and has been scanned and operated on, for a while we did nothing but rotate through hospital doors. I am gobsmacked. I'm hoping it's a mistake or it's something to do with him being sick and will go away.

2007 already sucks.

* erm,sticky things on his chest and hooked up to check his heart rate.

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Ozfemme said...

So sorry to hear your young one is unwell - sounds like a pretty stressful time for you all. My Josef also has a heart murmur and whilst it doesn't sound quite as complicated as you have described I do know that it does become more apparant when he is unwell. I was worrying that I had left contacting you too late for your visit and am planning to get over to Melbourne this year and would love to meet up then. Hope your boy gets better soon and that things go easier for you. Cheers! Bella.

antikva said...

Thanks Bella :-)

That would be great to catch up. I'd even catch a train and tram if necessary LOL

Just give me an Oi by email if you are, aad@antikva.com

Hope your new year is good, sounds like you are busy! Hugs Bunny